The Puglia Diaries

The thrills and spills of a British Council Language Assistant in Molfetta, Italy


I am Elly, a student of English and Italian at the University of Leeds. This year I will be swapping the rainy familiarity of Northern England for the Southern coast of Italy, where I will spend 8 months working as an English Language Assistant in Puglia.

On this blog you can expect to read about new experiences, adventures and probably embarrassing mishaps as I discover the language and culture of Italy’s Mezzogiorno. Also, find out how I get to grips with facing a roomful of Italian teenagers at the Istituto Tecnico Galileo Ferraris.

As a semi-seasoned blogger, I hope to keep up the English side of my degree by reading books and writing about them on my other site Stop by if you’re interested!

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Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Elly,

    thanks for dropping by my blog (visual journey) earlier and giving me an opportunity to check out yours. I spent a week in Puglia this year and loved it and it left me wishing for more. I am hoping to get more of that through this blog of yours :)


    • Hi Abu,
      I really enjoyed looking through your blog: you have some fabulous pictures. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Puglia, I am getting very excited about going there on Saturday! I will hopefully post regularly on the blog once I arrive, including photos taken with my brand new camera :)
      Thanks for reading!

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  3. Hi Elly! I found your blog via Lorena’s and it was a nice surprise to find out there’s another Comenius Assistant nearby! I’m in Termoli, Molise, which is a bit up the coast from you. I haven’t been to Puglia yet. Annoyingly I was booked on a day trip to Trani last week but I got a bad cold and couldn’t go! What’s it like further down the coast? Hope you’re enjoying it. Happy blogging. Zoex

    • Hey Zoe! It’s really nice to hear from you, blogging is certainly a good way to find other people in the area :) I’ve not been to Molise yet either but I’d like to see what it’s like a bit further up the coast. Puglia is really beautiful, I live about a ten minute train journey from Trani and it is well worth the visit when you’re feeling better. Right now the weather isn’t the best, but I’m looking forward to the sun coming out again because I can imagine that everything will come alive. Being by the sea is great! How is your experience going so far? I’ll go and have a read of your blog to find out!

  4. Hey :) I really like your blog, it’s interesting. I have nominated you for the liebster award. Check out my post about it.

  5. Hi Elly, thanks for following my blog, and to give me the possibility of discovering yours! You’re living a great experience, and I like the way you tell us about it.
    I noticed you are following my “ready for Italy” blog: this is a little weird, since there is no content at all (it’s a test blog, that I keep hidden). Maybe you would like to follow the real one:
    Said so, enjoy your stay “in the heel of Italy”: in one of my favorite Italian regions (I used to go sailing there, many years ago), and I will probably come back in spring this year.

    • I think I am following ‘delightfully Italy’ as well: I really enjoyed your posts :) I’m not sure how I got to following your test blog :/ Thanks for commenting, I really am having a great time in Puglia. The sun is shining today. Ciao!

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