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The thrills and spills of a British Council Language Assistant in Molfetta, Italy

A Mini-update from Molfetta

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I can almost hear the tumbleweeds drifting across my neglected little blog. Blogging about your year abroad requires a fine balance between writing and doing. Of course you can fill pages and pages with new photos and chitchat about the customs of the country you’re falling in love with, but not at the expense of going out and living in it. This week has been one of my busiest times since arriving in Molfetta. Since I wrote about my trip to Giovinazzo on that sunny mid-February weekend, I have:

– Been to Rome for the second time. I was unexpectedly invited on a school trip dedicated to remembering the Holocaust and discovering the history of the Jewish community in the capital city.

– Visited a Norman castle in a town called Sannicandro di Bari, and then eaten my body weight in Puglia’s culinary delights

– Tried Aquagym for the first time and almost died

– Been to Bari to see Saving Mr Banks: how bizarre to hear the songs of Mary Poppins sung in Italian

– Picked a load of oranges in the sun, spring is officially on the way.

All of these experiences have been great and soon I hope that I’ll have a spare moment to document them properly. Tomorrow morning, I’m off to Venice for a potentially rainy Carnival weekend: masks at the ready, it’s going to be a great trip. And THEN, the very afternoon I get back to Molfetta, my family will be arriving. They’ll tumble out of the car after a 13 hour trip from Mondovì, dogs and all: the following days will be my chance to show off how beautiful this region is and to spend time with them all.

Until then, here are some photos of my every day life in Molfetta:


Author: Elly Cooke

Recent graduate of English Literature and Italian from the University of Leeds. Book lover and part-time Italian speaker.

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