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The thrills and spills of a British Council Language Assistant in Molfetta, Italy

Giovinazzo in the Sun


I’ve told my friends, I’ve told my family, so I might as well make a general announcement: this weekend has been beautiful so far here in Puglia, with temperatures climbing up to 21°C. I am allowed to gloat a little bit about the sunshine since I spent my last two Februarys testing how many jumpers a person can physically wear at the same time and/or reigniting a rebellious boiler.

Sunny weather has a serious impact on my mood. On Friday, by the time I’d got home from school, dying of heat exhaustion, and changed out of my duffel coat and knitwear into a short-sleeved T-shirt, I was feeling extremely happy. I threw open all the windows and sat in a chair outside with a basking cat at my feet, alternately reading Charles Dickens and shoving Toby off my lap.


Today, the warm weather was back, blinding me out of my Saturday morning stupor. Me and Katie decided to go to Giovinazzo, a small town just south of Molfetta, for a look around. At around 4pm, the small southern Italian towns lazily rouse themselves from post-lunch relaxation, and people wander about again and go for coffee. In the main square, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, clusters of local people sat around the fountain, some speaking in dialect. There is a ‘village’ feel to Giovinazzo, from the children playing in the park to the compactness of its historical centre.

The harbour of the town and its old part were really beautiful in the sunshine. The Cattedrale Santa Maria Assunta, missing one of its towers, shone white against the blue sky and all the little boats were lined up in greens, reds and blues. I looked for Molfetta just up the coast and then we wandered through the interconnected streets until we made it back to the main square. There are not a million things to see in Giovinazzo but it is perfect for a pleasant afternoon walk, made even better by gelato.


Author: Elly Cooke

Recent graduate of English Literature and Italian from the University of Leeds. Book lover and part-time Italian speaker.

2 thoughts on “Giovinazzo in the Sun

  1. Great pictures! Love your photography!

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